Friday, December 3, 2010

Smooch Stir :- SRK In Liplock With Another Male news update

SRK's liplock stirs up a scandal

SRK is a happy man…and now there’s a gay twist to the actor doing the rounds of micro blogging sites too.

A snapshot of King Khan in a liplock with another male has buzzed the internet into overdrive. There is speculation that the photo is taken from the Jonathan Ross show, a famed British chat show wherein the actor featured as a guest, a while ago.

Reportedly, the man smooching SRK on the Ross show was John Barrowman, the second guest on the show.

In keeping with his media savvy temperament, SRK was at his sparkling best in terms of wit and performed many funny and entertaining bits on the show too.

However, the smooch saga between SRK and the other male, was not telecast.

The big question, however, remains. Is that truly SRK or someone’s idea of a sensationalist joke...

Photo op or Photoshop? Your take, SRK?

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