Monday, December 20, 2010

Kelly Brook Hottest video of 2010

STUNNING Kelly Brook revealed her most difficult movie scene ever...And it's MAKING LOVE to a gorgeous female porn star underwater while completely starkers!
Kelly and porn star Riley Steele strip off for a sizzling scene in horror epic Piranha 3D.Kelly revealed further :" It was really difficult."Holding your breath while making out with someone as hot as Riley Steele.
"I had to learn to hold my breath for a very long time."
The busty brunette claimed they had to "have a lot of practice" before filming the no-holds barred lesbo romp.
Kelly who battles flesh-eating prehistoric fish in the movie and Riley became firm friends while shooting the film.
nd Riley admitted:" It's not work when you get to kiss Kelly Brook. She's so hot.
"Doing it underwater did make it a bit more difficult but I'm not complaining."

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