Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nexus S receives its first OTA update

Only 6 Days after its official release, the Google/Samsung Nexus S has gotten its first OTA (Over-The-Air) Update, which brings the device to version GRH78.

No full changelog available just yet for the 1.9MB Update, but apparently it containsimportant bug fixes plus the latest version of Maps” and only makes changes to framework.jar, kernel and Maps.apk.
You can wait patiently for the update to come along. Just dial *#*#checkin#*#* from the dialer and you should get the update notification. Or you can use the manual steps below to install it yourself.
  • Download the file from Google’s link here
  • Rename the file to, and place it in the root of your internal storage
  • Switch off your phone and reboot into bootloader mode by holding volume up and powering back on
  • Use the volume buttons to choose “recovery” from the list, and choose it with the power button
  • At that point you should see a triangle on screen. Press the volume up, and power again, and you’ll see a list of options. Choose Update.

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