Monday, December 20, 2010

Survivor Finale: Survivor Nicaragua Spoilers: Survivor Winner Announced

Survivor Finale: Survivor Nicaragua Spoilers: Survivor Winner Announced
Tonight, we found out who won Survivor on the season finale.

This was the season that started out with old versus young. I kept feeling bad for the youngest member of the older tribe because she probably felt like she didn’t belong there.

Of course, those divisions didn’t last very long because Survivor has to have twists and turns. Going into the finale, there were five Survivors left. So, who won Survivor?

The final five were Fabio, who came across as clueless to me; Chase, the Southern good ol’ boy; Sash, who at one point at no allies but then aligned with everyone; Holly, who almost quit early on in the game; and Dan, who didn’t really have any enemies.

The first immunity challenge involved a quiz about Nicaragua and putting together a puzzle. The winner was Fabio. Though Dan tried to make an argument that Holly was a much bigger threat then he was, he was voted out.

The final immunity challenge involved the Survivors balancing a sword with one hand and stacking coins on it with the other. Jeff Probst told them which coin they must stack on their swords and gave them five seconds to get it done: they were also allowed to adjust their stack of coins during that five seconds. For the third time in a row, Fabio won immunity.

It was Holly who was the last one to get sent home. I was a little disappointed to see her go; despite her freak out early in the season, she grew on me.

The final tribal council had a few angry jurors and had me thinking that Chase had no chance of winning. Though there was some anger at Sash, too. No one really seemed to take Fabio all that seriously. But, it’s the votes that count.

When the votes were revealed, it was Fabio who was the sole Survivor.

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