Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christ Koulis - cause of death

Christ Koulis cause of death

Dr. Christ Koulis, the man who was convicted of the murder of her model girlfriend, Lesa Buchanan in 2007 has died in Chicago.

A statement from the Franklin Police Department declares that

Dr. Christ Koulis has died

at Northwestern Hospital, Chicago, morning at 5:45 a.m. Koulis was charged of unlawful negligence in the murder of his girlfriend in 2007. The 42 years old Christ Koulis’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed. Yet, an autopsy is yet to be performed to determine the cause of his death.

However, Christ Koulis’s lawyer, David Raybin said, “He had an apparent heart attack and although we do not know the exact cause of death. I am just very sad personally for him and his family. He was 42 years old. He was very optimistic we would win in this appeal and I was as well. I am sorry as an attorney that I cannot vindicate him because the appeal will have to be dismissed due to his death.” adding, “convinced the stress of accusations contributed to his death. From a personal standpoint, it is just so, so sad.”

Dr. Christ Koulis had been crooked of illegally providing Buchanan with drugs three years back. He was on trial at the time of Bucahanan’s demise in July 2005. He was set free on a plea bond soon after his charges. He had hanged about free, awaiting that plea, devoid of serving two-year verdict ordered by the court.

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