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Lady Gaga Steps Out Without Her Pants... AND Her Panties nude photos sexy pose

Lady Gaga appeared to have left her pants AND her panties at home as she and her beau Luc Carl were snapped Wednesday night in New York.

The 24-year-old, teetering on a pair of sky-high hoof booties, was a little more conventionally dressed waist up, rocking a black jacket, gloves and sunglasses.

Looks like Lady G's man isn’t as keen on the spotlight as his outrageous girlfriend, as he covered his face from photographers with his coat.

The couple’s date night comes off the heels of Lady Gaga's two consecutive days of performing concerts at Madison Square Garden as part of her Monster Ball tour, which attracted A-Listers such as Paul McCartney and Michelle Pfeiffer - and it’s rumored even Madonna.

Lady Gaga appeared to have left her pants AND her panties at home as she and her beau Luc Carl were snapped Wednesday night in New York.

The singer really dared to bare in some nude-colored pantyhose, which left little to the imagination, as she headed into the St. James Theatre to see Green Day's Broadway Rock Opera American Idiot and has all the revealing pictures.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Steps Out

The 24-year-old, teetering on a pair of sky-high hoof booties, was a little more conventionally dressed waist up, rocking a black jacket, gloves and sunglasses.

Looks like Lady G's man isn’t as keen on the spotlight as his outrageous girlfriend, as he covered his face from photographers with his coat.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga -- Bottom's Up In New York

The couple’s date night comes off the heels of Lady Gaga's two consecutive days of performing concerts at Madison Square Garden as part of her Monster Ball tour, which attracted A-Listers such as Paul McCartney and Michelle Pfeiffer - and it’s rumored even Madonna.

As previously reported, Lady Gaga just debuted her new smash single Born This Way on February 11, but it was greeted with criticism by those who said it was a rip-off of Madonna's 1989 hit Express Yourself.

Amber portwood naked photos sooo sexy soo hot

Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood says she is devastated over the nude photo scandal she's involved in and never intended for the pic to get out.

Mmm hmm.

A good way to prevent such a thing? DON'T LET PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPH YOU NAKED. Especially when you're kind of a celebrity. Crazy advice, right?

The photo of Amber Portwood nude is unquestionably her - the tattoo of Leah/the kid from Two and a Half Men is unmistakable - and leaked today.

Amber Portwood says she's doing her best to stay positive.

"I'm devastated that these photos were stolen from my phone and sold by someone I trusted," Portwood told MTV. "It makes me sad that anyone would do this, and I'm horrified that something so private is being shared publicly."

"It's been a difficult year, and I just want to focus on what's important in my life - my daughter," said Amber, who faces felony battery charges.

The racy shots, reportedly taken a few weeks ago, feature Gary Shirley's baby mama flaunting her arse and caressing her stomach seductively.

Spoiler alert: It's not super hot.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

'America's Next Top Model': Cycle 16 begins,Preview video


America's Next Top Model': Cycle 16 begins

With "America's Next Top Model" now entering its 16th cycle, one might think the venerable reality-show warhorse fit for the glue factory, but as programs such as "Survivor" have shown, the proper mix of preening personalities and pop-culture tropes (and, in the case of "ANTM," a healthy dose of the ever-buoyant Tyra Banks) can help prevent a one-way trip to the prime-time pasture.

In a premiere that takes a page from "American Gladiators," the models endure an awkward photo shoot, then strut their stuff on a thin runway over a pool while encased in a giant plastic bubble. Yes, beautiful people fall down.

amNewYork identifies some early standouts:

Alexandria, 21
What the judges like: A self-possessed blonde with sun-kissed good looks, Alexandria's profile was highly praised by fashion editor-at-(very)-large Andre Leon Talley (sporting an awesome feather-duster Tyrolean cap).

What we like: The clear house heavy, Alexandria at times seemed to be competing in a different show, perhaps abbreviated as "ANTB." Drama!

Jaclyn, 20
What the judges like: A baby-faced Southerner with a helium squeak for a voice, Jaclyn's personality is sweeter than sweet tea, and Tyra deems her best photo "stunning."

What we like: Her boundless naivete. When confronted with the runway challenge, she responds: "What if they can't get it open and I'm stuck in that bubble for the rest of my life?"

Sara, 18
What the judges like: Her quirky, androgynous appeal. Tyra says her photo looks like "a 19-year-old boy with makeup on. But that's what I like about it."

What we like: Sporting an Anakin Skywalker brattail hairdo and Whoopi Goldberg vest in her first appearance, Sara is clearly the "alt" choice. We hope she goes far.

Kasia, 26
What the judges like: This cycle?s plus-size model (or, as Tyra says, "fiercely real"), Kasia already has modeling experience, making her the mature, runway-ready choice.

What we like: Her charm and Midwestern mien. Kasia made it through an entire hour without seeming anything but genuine (if a little boring). In model-land, she's good people.

Hannah, 20
What the judges like: Fashion photog Nigel Barker called her shot "mpressive," and Talley says there is "something of a young Jennifer Aniston" in her striking looks.

What we like: We get something more of a Blair from "The Facts of Life" with Hannah (though her penchant for pigtails reads a bit more like Natalie). But she seems like a dark-horse candidate with staying power.



american idol top 24 recap video

Eleven episodes into Season 10, and the first pieces of the giant puzzle known as the Top 24 on “American Idol” started to come together last night. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist at least one blatant Beatles reference…)

But in order to get there, the 61 contestants who survived the brutal Hollywood round had just 24 hours to practice a song by the Fab Four and perform under the spotlight on the same Vegas stage where the Cirque du Soleil show “Love” is running.

For some, that meant having to deal with the wrath of mean old Peggy, the “vocal coach from hell.” If you thought the trainers on “The Biggest Loser” were tough, you have to meet this woman.

“Sing, damn it!” she barked out to two terrified young singers during their rehearsal. “Do it from the top, and don’t make a mistake!” She then gave Thia Megia and Melinda Ademi a nice vote of confidence before they headed to the Vegas stage: “Guess what?” she snapped in her witch-like tone. “You’re gong to die up on the stage in front of all those people!” She was serious.

In addition to wondering whether Thia and Melinda would crack under pressure, I had some other questions running through my mind. My first thought: What the heck is country singer Scotty McCreery, the 17-year-old kid with the ultra-deep voice, going to do when he finds out there are no Beatles songs that start out with these lyrics: “Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low. Put some music on that’s soft and slow…”

My second thought: How will that blonde basket case, Ashley Sullivan – the “emotional time bomb, in the frank words of Ryan Seacrest -- hold up in Vegas?

Well, turns out young Scotty did just fine. He even hit some high notes. And Ashley did NOT break down last night. Instead, she got married. Yep, she and her boyfriend headed to the chapel -- the same one where Britney Spears got married, in case you didn't hear Ashley say that repeatedly -- and tied the knot. Their witness: An Idol cameraman named Dave.

But before she got married, Ashley seemed to take some charm school lessons from the vocal coach from hell. She basically threatened her boyfriend not to bail out on her. “If you have cold feet, I don’t care. You’re going through with it (the wedding),” she told him in the limo on the way to the chapel. ”Or I’ll kill you in your sleep.”

I’m pretty sure she was serious. I feel bad for the guy. He just came back from a tour of duty in Iraq, and now he has to deal with the psycho babe from hell.


I’m not a huge Beatles fan, but I do like a lot of their songs. I figured it would be fun to hear the Idol contestants take a crack at singing all those classics.

Unfortunately, aside from a few good performances in which the singers put their own vocal spin on the Beatles tunes, most of the highly touted Vegas round was, in my humble opinion, just one big karaoke night.

'Deadliest Catch' boat crew member found dead at 33

A crewman working on one of the fishing vessels featured in the reality TV show “The Deadliest Catch” has been found dead of unknown causes in a hotel room in his hometown, police said Wednesday.

Justin Tennison, 34, was found dead in a hotel in the fishing town of Homer, Alaska. His body was discovered Tuesday by the hotel cleaning staff, Homer Police Lt. Randy Rosencrans said Wednesday.

There was no sign of foul play and the cause of death was unknown, though an autopsy was being conducted Wednesday, Rosencrans said.

Tennison worked as an engineer on the Time Bandit, a vessel captained by brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, both of Homer.

In a Facebook post, Andy Hillstrand said Tennison “died peacefully in his sleep.”

“Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand. The captains and crew appreciated his hard work and many contributions this past year. We will miss him terribly and wish his family all the best during this most difficult time,” Hillstrand’s post said.

“The Deadliest Catch,” broadcast by the Discovery Channel, follows the journeys of several vessels and their crews as they harvest crab and other lucrative fish species in the Bering Sea off western Alaska.

Tennison is not the first Deadliest Catch fisherman to pass away.

The show chronicled last year’s death of one of the featured fishermen, Phil Harris, who died in an Anchorage hospital after falling victim to a stroke. Harris was captain of the Cornelia Marie.

Other Deadliest Catch crew members have been involved in various mishaps and police investigations.

Earlier this month, local police in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, base port for most of the Bering Sea fishing fleet, reported that an unnamed crew member had trashed a hotel room that was being used as an office for the production team.

And in January, an inspector for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was fired and charged with a misdemeanor offense after she took a $100 “gratuity” from Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern, another Deadliest Catch vessel.

Hansen had initially tried to buy the 26-year-old inspector dinner, according to Unalaska police

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Dianna Agron Dumped Alex Pettyfer Over Racy Photos

How does a couple fend engagement rumors one week and announce their split the next? Such is the question fans have about Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer.

But TMZ now claims to have the answer: a source tells that website the Glee actress was steamed over a racy Tyler Shields photo shoot involving Pettyfer, Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin. The only problem with this break-up basis?

While the pictures were released a couple weeks ago, Pettyfer posed for them months before he even started dating Agron. Still, they are pretty darn hot.

Might he have kept news of their existence from Agron, fueling her anger once they actually hit the Internet? We have no idea. But one thing is certain: Hearst and Rambin are awesome!

NASCAR: Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona 500 entertain video

Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake. Fortunately for him, it didn't happen until he missed the turn pulling into Victory Lane at the Daytona 500.

The youngest driver to win the Great American Race gave the historic Wood Brothers team its fifth Daytona 500 victory — its first since 1976 with David Pearson — and Bayne did it in a No. 21 Ford that was retrofitted to resemble Pearson's famed ride.

In just his second Sprint Cup start, the 20-year-old Bayne stunned NASCAR's biggest names with a thrilling overtime win Sunday at Daytona International Speedway, holding off Carl Edwards after fan favourite Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed in NASCAR's first attempt at a green-white-checkered flag finish.

“Our first 500, are you kidding me?” said Bayne, who needed directions to Victory Lane. “Wow. This is unbelievable.”

Unbelievable, indeed.

Just one day after celebrating his 20th birthday and leaving his teenage years behind, the aw-shucks Tennessean who shaves once a week and considers “Rugrats” his favourite TV show captured the sport's biggest race.

When he found himself at the front, and victory just two laps away, he never thought it would last. Bayne was content just to say he had been leading at the start of the green-white-checkered.

“I'm a little bit worried that one of them is going to come after me tonight,” he said. “I'm going to have to sleep with one eye open. That's why I said I felt a little undeserving. I'm leading, and I'm saying, ‘Who can I push?“’

Bayne thought for sure Tony Stewart or someone else would attempt to pass.

Nobody did.

“We get to turn four, and we were still leading the band,” he said. “It seemed a little bit too easy there at the end.”

The rookie had been great throughout Speedweeks, even proving his mettle by pushing four-time champion Jeff Gordon for most of a qualifying race, a performance Bayne said convinced the veterans he could be trusted on the track.

“I figured they had a chance after seeing that boy race in the 150s,” said Pearson, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in May. “I talked to him this morning. I told him to keep his head straight and not to do anything crazy. I told him to stay relaxed. I'm proud of him.”

With the win Bayne breaks Gordon's mark as the youngest winner in Daytona 500 history. Gordon was 25 when he won the 500 in 1997.

“I think it's very cool. Trevor's a good kid, and I love the Wood Brothers,” Gordon said. “I'm really happy for him. And I think it's great for the sport. To have a young talent like that — he's got that spark, you know?”

The victory for NASCAR pioneers Leonard and Glen Wood ended a 10-year-losing streak and came the week of the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's fatal accident on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500.

This was only the fourth win in the last 20 years for Wood Brothers — NASCAR's oldest team — which hasn't run a full Sprint Cup season since 2006 and hit the low point of their 61-year-old existence when they failed to qualify for the 2008 Daytona 500.

“When you miss a race, like the Daytona 500, it's like somebody died,” said Eddie Wood, part of the second generation of Woods now running the team. “When you walk through the garage and you run into people you see every week, they don't look at you, they don't know what to say.”

Australia vs Zimbabwe ICC World Cup 2011

Australia vs Zimbabwe (Aus vs Zim) ICC World Cup 2011 forth match live was kicked off on 21st February at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad at 9.00 GMT and 14.30 IST.

Updated Score: Australia 262/6 (50 Overs) Shane Watson 79, Michael Clarke 58*

Coming off from their 29 world cup matches wining streak, Australia is sure a favorite for every cricket freak who gaze on the ICC World Cup 2011’s 3rd day match of Australia Vs Zimbabwe staged at Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium in Ahmadabad.

But, bring in your analysis prowess and just shuffle their recent performance, we get to know a washed out test followed by a damp squib – losing most prestigious Ashes series. It’s totally disturbing for the team as well as the fans to see Australia went on continuous losing streak till they get into the ODI series after Ashes wash out.

Of course, they come up with a reveling performance against England in the ODI series gaining 6-1 CB series but did they continue the same force in recent warm up’s against India and South Africa? No, they haven’t. They lost 13 wickets in just two warm up matches which shows their lacking in counter attacking the spinning prowess of other teams. It’s their middle order to come up with a good stand to threaten the opponent’s spin prowess.

Pitch Report:

The Motera ground offers a slow track which neither good enough for batting nor can produce accurate results in bowling. For both the teams the pitch offers a negative result as for Australia it’s been a while since they faced Zimbabwe on the same ground during 1998 and for Zimbabwe the pitch given one of their lowest scoring matches. The only hope for Zimbabwe is that of they recently played on the pitch which can pull up their motive to win over four time World Cup Champions.


Though Australian’s coming off with two warm up games loss, the factor they need to bank on is the Captain Ricky Ponting who led the team for two world cups. Returning from an injury disturbed Ashes loss; Ponting looks more focused and confident in fine tuning the Australian line up for ICC World Cup 2011. He is expected to give the best stance to openers as well as acting as father to middle order batsman to face opponent’s spin and to combat any such obstacles during the game.

Coming on the bowling side, Australians are equipped with only one spinner which could pose a problem to them especially in spin focused sub continent wickets. Though Brett Lee was good in the first warm up match, he went back with a bad experience against South Africa which could be a concern for them. Like batting, the bowling side too has faced some critical problems on Australian side.


The History says, Zimbabwe has came over Australia only once that too in 1983 World Cup since then except in the other formats of the game, Zimbabwe never defeated Australia which probably could be rewritten now. Yes, the same historical data suggests it is never to be underestimating Zimbabwe especially in the World Cup season.

Brendon Taylor’s form in last warm-ups as well as Charles being added to opener team may revel Zimbabwe to bank on the scoring charts. Besides, even middle order looks good with Sean Williams’s recent knock against South Africa and Craig Ervine, Taibu being added on to the team list.

To come over Australia, its better for the Zimbabwean team management to include some spinners at least to cash on the Australian’s lackluster in facing spin.

Our Predictions:

Australia being the defending champion has a very good chance in taking up more points into the tournament with this opening matches while if the spinning prowess is deployed on time, Zimbabwe could come over the world number one ODI team.

Australia Team:

Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Ricky Ponting (c), Michael Clarke, Cameron White, David Hussey, Steven Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Jason Krejza, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait

Zimbabwe Team:

Brendan Taylor, Charles Coventry, Tatenda Taibu (wk), Sean Williams, Craig Ervine, Elton Chigumbura (c), Gregory Lamb, Prosper Utseya, Graeme Cremer, Ray Price, Chris Mpofu.

wwe elimination chamber

The RAW Elimination Chamber was billed heavily as the last chance for six superstars to try and main event WrestleMania for the WWE Championship against The Miz. It was hyped to potentially be the better chamber match during Sunday's pay-per-view.

It wasn't.

In fact, it had me shaking my head. I had three things to hope for from the RAW Elimination Chamber match: Dolph Ziggler screws John Cena, R-Truth gets attacked before entering like Kofi Kingston was two years ago, and John Morrison wins the match. None of these three things happened.

The match began with Sheamus and Morrison, which I predicted to see. They had some of the best matches of the last year, especially in their pay-per-view encounters. Morrison was thrown all over the place as expected. He became this match's foil of Wade Barrett from earlier in the night when he was thrown into a bunch of plexiglass. I suppose that WWE is tired of using shots of chamber matches that include Mike Knox and Goldberg.

I expected R-Truth to come out next just to get his dreadful showing out of the way. However, it was time for Randy Orton to go after Sheamus. The two of them brawl with Morrison showing signs of life throughout the five minutes. It was the most forgettable five minutes of the match. I can't even remember what actually happened then.

Fast forward to CM Punk's pod opening. Even R-Truth is shocked that he is still in this match. Punk's pod is only open slightly. He's sticking out halfway, which Orton hardly takes advantage of. Considering that this is the same guy who once shoved Kofi Kingston's head in between chains that made up the chamber walls, I was a little disappointed in the creativity of The Viper.
Punk looked truly stuck for a moment while referee Mike Chioda seemed confused by the idea of chain and a lock. This after Chioda refs the WWE title match and kicks out Alex Riley under the grounds of being certain he attacked Jerry Lawler. This was done instead of calling a DQ on the spot. A less than memorable night for Chioda. Suddenly, it is just Punk's foot stuck inside until he slips it out with ease, which was Punk's way of telling us that he was tired of selling it.

Suddenly, Punk is down for the count and is out very quickly. R-Truth's chances improve dramatically, but not really. The chamber's door opens for Punk to leave. We all anticipate the New Nexus, but we get the RAW GM instead. Michael Cole, still with a happy face from having The Miz thrown on top of him for a minute earlier, reads that Punk is getting a do-over. Happy about the call, Punk crawls back into his pod. Chioda locks the pod again, which seems like a bad idea considering that was the problem the first time around.

My pessimistic mind predicts that Punk's pod opens again the next time around, defeating the whole point of giving him a new chance. After what seemed like ten minutes after Punk was stuck the first time, it was John Cena, who got greeted immediately by Sheamus. They brawled as Cena and Sheamus exchanged blows and Irish whips into things. Then it was time for R-Truth to say "What's Up". He got to the "Wha" part before Sheamus attacked him. However, R-Truth fights back and finishes it with a hip toss, which is slowly turning into a move for wrestlers who are being built as better than they should be. Isn't that right, Santino?

Before long, R-Truth was slowed down by Sheamus, who pinned Truth and we are down to five. All of the fans who thought R-Truth was going to win the match are stunned. All both of them. I'm pretty sure of them was Booker T. More brawling occurred until CM Punk was finally able to get out of his pod. Orton and Cena took one another out just before Punk's pod could open. This didn't stop Punk from hiding in his pod, waiting roughly ten seconds before actually coming out to attack a weakened Orton. A GTS later and Orton is the second one gone.

We had been waiting for that John Morrison moment in the Elimination Chamber and we were about to get it. Morrison is on top of a pod and Sheamus looks to do a High Cross from that height. Morrison leg locks through the chain and knocks Sheamus off. Now, Morrison climbs like he's on a live episode of Impact. Take notes, Homicide. And yes, that was a TNA reference in my article. Don't get used to them.

Morrison flies onto Sheamus and we are down to three. I know that it was something we hadn't seen before but there wasn't much excitement from it. Even the replay of it showed the spot from a very bad angle. The most forgettable great spot that I have seen in quite some time. At this point, I'm expecting the New Nexus to come to the ring and attack Morrison and Cena, but it doesn't happen. Are they even in Oakland? Did David Otunga hook them up with seats to the NBA All-Star Game instead?

Cena would go through his routine once again before stopping shy of a finisher. Punk rolls out of the ring after the Five Knuckle Shuffle and Cena looks like he doesn't know what to do next. Morrison comes back into the picture. His knee intended for Cena hits a pod instead. Morrison clutches his knee and sells the injury hard.

Cena gets slingshot into a pod but not through. Plexiglass knows better than to cave in to John Cena. Morrison is set up for the same fate until he leaps from one end to another. It was probably his best spot of the night in my opinion. Morrison then gets caught in a GTS. With all of the emphasis on Morrison's injured knee, I was expecting an STF by Cena or something. There goes Morrison and the chance of a Miz/Morrison title match at Mania. We are down to Punk and Cena and we all know how this one is going to end now.

Cena then grabs Punk for the Attitude Adjustment but Punk grabs a rope. After thinking about it, Cena realizes that there is more pain if you throw your opponent onto steel than in the ring itself. The rest of the match is a simple formality. Cena covers for three and it is Cena vs Miz at Mania, just like The Rock told us a week ago.

The rest of the pay-per-view was unusual. Cena acted like he was expecting the New Nexus to come down and attack but they never did. The Miz held his belt in the air backstage, which meant nothing since Cena couldn't see it. They cut back to the ring and show Cena all happy. Three minutes later, The Miz was still holding his title in the air.

At this point, I reflect on the fact that in pay-per-views, television and house show appearances, John Cena's very first victory of 2011 had just taken place. Why not wait until the big stage of WrestleMania where his losing streak could be used in the hype? Right before the end of the show, the announcers make it a point to say that Miz vs Cena was the match that the world was looking forward to. Really?

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watch cricket world cup 2011 live India vs Bangladesh

The first game of the World Cup Cricket 2011 will be played on Saturday, February 19, 2011 between India vs Bangldesh at Mirpur. See live score.

The Indians will try and avenge their defeat from the previous time the two sides had met in a World Cup.

India will go in with all their top three players featuring in this game – Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. They will be the players to look out for in the game but if the top order does not get going, then, it will be left to the manner in which the middle plays. Watch live streaming.

The bowling will depend on the likes of Harbhajan Singh and the other spinner who make it, even as Zaheer Khan fights hard for his fitness. Spin will be the key at Mirpur and how the Indians adjust to it after the South African trip will be the key.

Bangladesh will be led by Shakib al Hasan, who will look to ensure that the side can push their defeat to Pakistan in the warm-ups aside and try and capture this game. To do that, Tamim Iqbal will be the man they will rely on

NBA celebrity game 2011 roster

Sudeikis is currently among the ensemble cast of "Saturday Night Live." He also hails from Fairfax, Virginia. The 35-year-old is starring in the new motion picture "Hall Pass," but also took the court as part of the East celebrity All-Stars Friday night.

Trey Songz is the smooth R&B singer who is from Petersburg, VA. His latest recording is "Passion, Pain & Pleasure," something NBA stars and celebs both know plenty about. Trey was on the West squad along with the likes of Justin Bieber and Romeo Miller.

Justin Bieber was actually the MVP in Friday night's game. According to ESPN's report, Bieber finished with 8 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds for the West celebs. Surprisingly Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen, had 17 points for the East, but was not named MVP. Perhaps this was a sympathy vote after Bieber was stunned at the 2011 Grammys?

Also on this year's NBA Celebrity game rosters were Rick Fox, Jalen Rose, A.C. Green, Zac Levi ("Chuck"), and WNBA star Swin Cash. The game was shown on TNT at 9PM EST Friday night, Cox cable channel 58 in Roanoke, VA

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Threat level midnight

There is no question that “Threat Level Midnight” is fan service. The episode uses the lengthy production history of the eponymous film in order to justify bringing back a collection of familiar faces who have since exited Dunder Mifflin, a sort of trip down memory lane for Michael Scott as a character. It also pays off the very notion of Agent Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight, the screenplay that Pam discovered and had the entire office read in “The Client” back in season two. At one point, Michael even suggests (in a lesson bizarrely derived from Woody Allen’s experience with Dreamworks’ Antz) the following: “Don’t listen to critics — listen to your fans

However, this episode very much serves a particular type of fan. If you’re a fan of The Office being realistic, then the oddly high production values and camera work in Michael’s movie probably drove you a bit crazy. And depending on how you feel about dance numbers or the office banding together around something silly, which I know bothered some people with the season opening Lip Dub, you might have found the “Do the Scarn” section particularly annoying

Personally, I thought Threat Level Midnight as used in “Threat Level Midnight” was a mixed bag. On the one hand, some of it was really clever: the difference of opinion regarding the humanity of Dwight’s character and Darryl’s pre-Obama Presidential aspirations were both quite funny, drawing attention to the passage in time and using it to their comic advantage through some clever talking heads. However, by comparison, Michael’s juvenile response to Holly’s general lack of love for the film and the idea that everyone had to tiptoe around Michael by taking the film seriously were less effective. The Dwight and Darryl storylines envigorated the episode and brought the film into our world; the Michael and Holly storyline was an excuse to break away from the film and introduce some level of plot into the episode, a plot which never actually went anywhere and thus ended up feeling more forced than it needed to.

As for the moments when Threat Level Midnight was just allowed to play out for a while, I thought it was solid. Stanley as a Morgan Freeman sound-a-like narrator was a lot of fun, and revealing it was actually Michael at the end felt like something Michael would think was clever. Similarly, I liked Michael’s fantasy scenario wherein his character was married to Catherine Zeta-Jones*, even if the Armageddon parody in the flashbacks transposed onto the hockey puck felt overdone (and were an obvious stretch of his filmmaking abilities). The movie’s value, at least for me, was in seeing an extension of how Michael Scott thinks: take, for example, the moment where he has Toby’s head explode numerous times in order to play out his grudge against the character. While the movie was clearly not something that Michael Scott could have made, and raises a whole host of logistical questions, this felt like the kind of movie that Michael Scott would make if he could actually convince everyone in the office to take part, get the resources to make it work, and somehow manage to film it without the process ever being mentioned before this point.

*In case you were wondering, Catherine Zeta-Jones was in the initial script — I went back to watch “The Client,” and B.J. Novak was careful to remain true to the source material. The one major change seems to be the shift from a bumbling sidekick to an Alfred-esque Butler character in regards to Dwight/Dwigt.

While I know that some have complained about my focus on the “Michael Scott Farewell Tour” in previous reviews, we can’t pretend that this wasn’t the most overt example yet. The movie can very much be seen as a history of Michael Scott’s time at Dunder Mifflin, a chance to see how much has changed since the show began. Just look at the shift in Michael Scarn’s character from the original screenplay: once about a lively FBI Agent, the story has shifted to Scarn as a retiree returning to the game, a change we can view as Michael having come to terms (to some degree) with his growing age. You can even see how Novak built that idea into the episode’s conclusion, wherein Michael’s juvenile behavior is eventually overcome as he comes to realize that his movie is so stupid it’s sort of funny, and starts to accept the laughter as a natural part of the process.

It’s there where the episode loses me. I’m fine seeing Threat Level Midnight as a meta sendoff for the character: it doesn’t make sense that Roy, Jan or Karen would agree to be involved in the project at the times it appears they were involved (unless Jan’s love for singing in public overcame her crippling disbelief in Michael’s dreams), but I’m willing to accept that as an excuse for Steve Carell and Co. to work with David Denman, Melora Hardin, and Rashida Jones one last time. When it’s confined to the movie, it’s actually quite easy to just accept it and move on — while I wish more of the movie had seemed as home-made as Michael’s do-it-yourself montage of headlines early on, Threat Level Midnight emerged as a writer’s room indulgence without necessarily losing sense of Michael’s authorial voice.

What made less sense was the conclusion. While I was pleased to see that Michael eventually comes to his senses, he’s blindingly ignorant throughout most of the rest of the episode. There’s a lot of “Classic Michael” here, especially in his reaction with Holly, and yet for it to be all smoothed over so quickly felt incredibly abrupt. It’s an exaggerated way of trying to suggest the character has changed, presenting him at his most unreasonable before revealing that in fact he’s perfectly capable of accepting criticism and admitting that his movie doesn’t completely make sense. That epiphany seems like a forced conclusion: give it a voiceover, and it might as well be a Modern Family resolution, almost moralistic in its romanticization of the character.

As some of you well know, that’s who I want Michael Scott to be. I want him to be reasonable, and rational, and to be able to see his own life with some sense of clarity. However, you can’t take force such a transformation in a single episode, and you can’t throw his relationship with Holly under the bus in order to make it happen. It’s inconsistent with other episodes in the arc, and it felt like it was trying to do too much with too little.

This one was all about Threat Level Midnight. “Threat Level Midnight” very much depends on what you want from this show, and how you view the series’ trajectory. For some, the view back was an exciting bit of nostalgia, a chance to see some familiar faces and see an easter egg expanded into a reality. For others, I imagine that the episode only reminded you how far the show has fallen, as a storyline which once had a real purpose for character and storytelling has been reduced to a glorified, impossibly elaborate viral video.

And while it may seem conveniently neutral, I sit somewhere in between. I see all of the concerns about the video, and the way in which it stretches the show’s reality, but the actual content of Threat Level Midnight was successful in more ways than I had expected. It’s not even, but it wouldn’t be even, and enough of the randomness seems distinct to Michael’s character that I consider it a worthwhile detour into the space where The Office and the office within The Office collide.

Stray Observations:

* “Don’t listen to your critics — listen to your fans” — I don’t know if this was intentionally aimed at those who have questioned the show’s quality recently, but in an episode this aggressively meta I think reading it that way is sort of unavoidable.
* It seemed there was an opportunity to bring the film crew into this, perhaps with Michael revealing that he had hired parts of the film crew to make the movie on the side or something like that. But since that would have raised a whole host of other logistical questions, it wouldn’t be worth it to solve the loophole. And yes, this paragraph makes the show’s mockumentary conceit sound like time travel on Lost or something.
* I know the show isn’t exactly serialized, but Gabe’s absence and Andy and Erin’s camaraderie does play super weird after last week’s episode. That said, I did enjoy Andy embraces his inner thespian in Threat Level Midnight.
* It’s a brief little beat, but the disturbing Helene cleavage moment and Pam’s reaction to it were nicely played.
* Note that Threat Level Midnight used to be Threat Level: Midnight back in “The Client.” Apparently, Michael’s opinion of colons has changed since season two.
* It appears that Michael’s lengthy edits paid off for at least one character: Kevin went from “two thumbs down” in “The Client” to “best movie ever” here.
* I know “It’s way better than Antz” is a very qualified endorsement, but still nice to see some love for A Bug’s Life. Have never understood the way the flack the film gets: not Pixar’s best, but it’s a lot of fun.
* Based on the calendar pages, the scene with the calendar pages was either shot in 2007 (when February 10th last fell on a Wednesday) or shot in a year where Michael had a 2007 page-a-day calendar on hand. I guess we'll have to wait for the documentary on the DVD to find out for sure.
* “Dwight does not play a robot.”
* “He cut the part where my circuit-board malfunctioned? Then what was the point of spilling the drink on me?”
* “Oh yeah, I guess I did let him be a robot."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

solar flare 2011 news update

A series of massive solar flares that have ejected from the sun in recent days could trigger a dazzling show of the northern lights for stargazers in the northern United States, but they could also have far more serious consequences, including the disruption of power grids and communication systems across the globe.

According to BBC News, waves of charged solar particles will be hitting the Earth's magnetic field over the course of Thursday and Friday, the result of three solar flares happening over the past few days, including the largest to occur since 2006.

While this means the northern lights, Aurora Borealis, may be visible much further south than usual (for example, in the northern United States and UK), it also could have serious technological ramifications, as well.

According to China's official Xinhua News Agency, electromagnetic activity from the solar flares have already jammed shortwave radio communications in the southern part of the country.

A statement from the U.S. National Weather Service says that geomagnetic storms resulting from solar flares like these can last 24 to 48 hours, though some can continue longer. "Ground to air, ship to shore, shortwave broadcast and amateur radio are vulnerable to disruption during geomagnetic storms. Navigation systems like GPS can also be adversely affected," the statement reads.

According to the AFP, in 1973 a magnetic storm from a solar flare caused 6 million people to lose electricity in Canada.

dead island release date , trailer , news full updates

watch more video

A family is slaughtered during a summer getaway on a tropical island. That's essentially the narrative driving this astonishing trailer for forthcoming first-person shooter Dead Island. Told in a reverse, in a style similar to Coldplay's video for The Scientist, it's an unusually affecting and emotional experience.

But, centering as it does on the gruesome death of a young girl, it is also causing controversy. Some – including MCV's Ben Parfitt – are questioning whether scenes of a family being hacked to death and a girl plummeting from the window of a tall building should be considered marketing material for a zombie slash-'em-up. Parfitt later linked to this blog post, written by a father whose own young daughter died in 2007.

I would suggest that horror movies have always traded on the emotionally wrenching duality of the zombie figure – part monster, part recognisable human. A couple of years ago, when I interviewed Resident Evil 5 co-producer Masachika Kawata, he said that zombies are particularly resonant for the very fact that they were once fathers, sons and mothers. They speak to us about mortality; they are death. Kawata-san, too, knows a little about zombies and controversy – Resident Evil 5 was accused of racism for its trailer, which depicted savage-looking Africans attacking the white lead character.

Anyway, due out later this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Dead Island is being developed by Polish veteran Techland, previously responsible for Western blaster Call of Juarez, for which the studio is also currently working on a sequel. It seems the plot to Dead Island follows a couple who crash land on a tropical island and find that it's infested with the undead. Players will have open access to the whole environment and can use any item they find as a weapon, a la Dead Rising.

Perhaps you've had your fill of zombies after Call of Duty: Black Ops, Left4Dead 2, RDR Undead Nightmare and Dead Rising 2, but Techland is promising a more thoughtful game with RPG elements. It is certainly hinting as much with this gut-wrenching trailer.
more update

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera : Miguel Cabrera arrested for DUI in Florida

LAKELAND, Fla. - Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera was arrested late Wednesday on suspicion of drunken driving in Florida, police said, the latest episode for the first baseman who has struggled with drinking-related problems.

Cabrera, 27, was spotted by a deputy in a car with a smoking engine alongside a road in Fort Pierce. Inside the vehicle, Cabrera smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and took a swig from a bottle of scotch in front of a deputy, according to the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office. He refused to cooperate and more deputies were called to the scene.

The arrest occurred about 110 miles southeast of Lakeland, where the Tigers hold spring training. Pitchers and catchers began workouts earlier this week, but position players like Cabrera don't start until Saturday.

"It's hard," said second baseman Carlos Guillen, who is in camp recovering from an injury. "He's a really good friend. I know he was working hard in the winter to have a good season this year."

According to the police report, Cabrera was wandering into the road with his hands up before he was handcuffed. He kept saying, "Do you know who I am? You don't know anything about my problems," and cursed at deputies who tried to get him into a patrol car.

One deputy struck Cabrera in the left thigh several times with his knee after Cabrera pushed into him, causing the ballplayer to fall into the patrol car. Cabrera refused to take a breath test, deputies said.

He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting an officer without violence. He posted $1,350 bond and was released from jail at 7:45 a.m. Thursday.

The news was slow to reach the Tigers' spring training complex, but Guillen, who like Cabrera is from Venezuela, was shaken when he found out.

"I worry about him. He's got a lot of talent," Guillen said. "It's tough for him, for us, for Venezuelans."

Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski wasn't immediately available for comment.

Cabrera is coming off perhaps his best season. He hit .328 with 38 home runs and 126 RBIs in 2010 and finished second to Josh Hamilton in the American League MVP vote.

In 2009, police said the All-Star first baseman got into a fight with his wife after a night of drinking, right before his team surrendered the American League Central Division title to the Twins.

Dombrowski had to pick up Cabrera at the station after that incident. No charges were filed.

During spring training last year, Cabrera said he was done drinking alcohol after he spent much of the offseason in counseling.

"You guys write in the paper 'alcoholic,' that's not right," he said last March before a spring training workout. "I don't know how to explain, but it's not an alcohol problem."

Cabrera has a home in Boca Raton, about 75 miles south of Fort Pierce. There was no phone listing for him.

cricket world cup 2011 opening ceremony

watch video
The captains of the 14 competing countries in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 are pictured following a photoshoot ahead of the event's opening ceremony in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The tournament is being co-hosted by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka but only one of these men will be able to lift the coveted trophy on 2nd April - in Mumbai, India - and claim 'full marks' for their side's performance.

Back row, left to right: Zimbabwe's Elton Chigumbura, New Zealand's Daniel Vettori, Pakistan Shahid Afridi, India's Mahendra Singh Dhoni, South Africa's Graeme Smith, England's Andrew Strauss, West Indies Darren Sammy.

Front row, left to right: Canada's Ashish Bagai, Netherlands' Peter Borren, Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara, Australia's Ricky Ponting, Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan, Kenya's Jimmy Kamande and Ireland's William Porterfield.
sorce :-

arsenal vs barcelona 2011 highlights

Arsenal vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League Scores and Highlights

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 6:32 am , filed under Champions League by Alex Callos
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The highlights and scores of Arsenal vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2011 football game are as follows Arsenal, 2 and FC Barcelona, 1. Arsenal Barcelona matchup was ended up with fabulous scores of 2-1 goals from each side in the Champions League 2011football.

Final Score: Arsenal, 2 and FC Barcelona, 1

The Arsenal grabs a fully-deserved point in a 2-1 victory against Barcelona at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 and the Referee was Nicola Rizzoli. The results also indicate that Arsenal for the first time was successful to win home game in the UEFA Champions League.

Robin Van Persie come apart a goal in 78th minute on the field with great pace. As Barcelona failure to deal with Arsenal squads cross from the right allowing in-form Gael Clichy to fire with a superbly-lofted ball down the left channel that was gathered. Later, when Andrei Arshavin headed his second goal in 83rd minute home goal in the top flight that finally killed off the match.

Barcelona was brilliant in the first half; the first goal came in the 26th minute on a through ball from Messi to David Villa. Arsenal’s defense sound asleep and unsuccessful to pace up, letting David Villa to continue onside, get onto Messi’s ball, and slot it into the back of the net.

David Villa stimulated them in front and during the 45 minutes they wove a superb needlepoint of passes.

Barcelona record breaking score of sixteen straight victories in La Liga had only broken at the weekend and this was only their second significant defeat of the season. Barcelona was alleged to be the best squad in the world and they were bang in form.

Arsenal: Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Walcott, Song, Wilshere, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie.

Barcelona: Valdes, Maxwell, Pique, Abidal, Alves, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Villa.

National Enquirer : Steve Jobs dead in six weeks says National Enquirer

Steve Jobs could have only six weeks to live if reports in the National Enquirer are to be believed, meaning that the Apple boss might not live to see the launch of the iPhone 5 this summer.

The National Enquirer has published photos of what appears to be a very frail Steve Jobs and claims that he is only six weeks from death.

According to the US tabloid, this means that Jobs could die by the end of March, well before the launch of the next iPhone 5 in June 2011.

Apparently, the Enquirer followed Steve Jobs from the Stanford Cancer Center where the photos were apparently taken.

Apple's Steve Jobs on medical leave

Apple's new App store

The paper’s claims that the Apple CEO has only six weeks to live are based on analysis of the photos by Dr Gabe Mirkin and Dr Samuel Jacobson.

"Judging from the photos, he is close to terminal. I would say he has six weeks," he said,” Jacobson told the paper.

However, crucially, neither of the doctors are oncologists and nor have they seen Steve in person. Apparently the analysis was primarily based on looking at Jobs’ jeans-covered butt.

Enough said.

The National Enquirer has a habit of predicting celebrity deaths and, thankfully, is not always right. The paper claimed that Patrick Swayze had only weeks to live when, in fact, he survived for another year.

Steve Jobs announced in l January that he was taking medical leave from Apple, the company he founded.

This is the third time Jobs has taken medical leave, after being treated for a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004 and undergoing a liver transplant in 2009.

ICC Worldcup 2011 full updates

ICC Worldcup 2011:-Excitement of ICC Worldcup 2011 begins today on 19 Feb when first match will be played between India and Bangladesh.Today’s match will be played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.Match will start at 02:00 PM IST.Final Match will be played on 2 April at Vankhede Stadium,Mumbai.India is hoping to win ICC World cup this time and if they do it ,it will be second time when India won World Cup.Before this India won world cup on 1983.That time Kapil Dev lead Indian Team.Now M.S. Dhoni is captain and team wants to win world cup and dedicate it to Lord Of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar.
Bangladesh is also prepared for ICC Worldcup 2011.Current ICC rating of Bangladesh is 8.All team members are full of confidence and will try to start campaign with victory. more update stay online

waka flocka : Waka Flocka Flame's Tour Bus Shot At In North Carolina

waka flocka:-Waka Flocka Flame is one of four people who were questioned by police in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday (February 16), after gunfire erupted outside a car audio store sometime during the afternoon hours.

According to local media (WCNC 36), the rapper (real name: Juaquin Malphurs) and his entourage parked his tour bus in the packing lot of the Car Stereo Warehouse on Independence Blvd on Wednesday for upgrades and improvements, but instead got bullets.

Two vehicles pulled into the lot and opened fire on Waka's crew, hitting his bus at least four times, said reports. And, Waka's security team returned fire on the cars and hit at least one of the assailants.

"Everybody was ducking," a witness, who was inside the store, told WCNC. "They were scared and knocking each other over. It was crazy."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police told the news station that one person was shot in the shoulder, and is currently being treated at Carolinas Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

Police are currently in search of the two vehicles -- one was an older model, white Land Rover, and a newer model, white Dodge.

Waka's mother/manager, Debra Antney, told WCNC that her son is no gang member and had no involvement in the shooting. Waka, himself, sent out a tweet to fans, letting them know he was ok, shortly after the news broke.

"To my fans N world im good nothing is wrong with my health see yall in Cali for all-star #im1realassperson," the rapper wrote (@WakaFlockaBSM), before later adding: "Yo its crasy how the world hear shit and just add they spice to N run with with the bull #justlookinginmyphoneSMH"

Stay tuned as this story develops...

Waka is no stranger to controversy. Just last month, January 2011, the rapper was arrested on multiple charges -- including possession of marijuana and hydrocodone, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and violation of probation for driving on a suspended license. All of this came after his Atlanta home was raided by police in December 2010, during which they were reportedly investigating a prostitution organization.

colbert huffington post

colbert:-Nation, we here at The Huffington Post aim to bring you the finest news anywhere, which is why we present the Colbuffington Re-Post. Clearly this rising media titan, with top-notch story selection and brilliantly crafted headlines, couldn't have been made without the smartest and best looking editors on the internet.

So a tip of the hat to Stephen Colbert for his wag of the finger on last night's "Colbert Report." Sure, watching a video on HuffPost of Colbert talking about his website made from HuffPost (which includes a page of Colbert news) ... it might feel like going through some sort of wormhole. But Colbert fans are used to that.

Senator Scott Brown says sexually abused as child full story

Republican Senator Scott Brown will reveal he was physically and sexually abused as a child during an upcoming interview with "60 Minutes," CBS said on Wednesday.

The 51-year-old Massachusetts senator says he was sexually abused several times by a camp counselor and also physically abused by stepfathers, according to a statement from the news show.

"He said 'If you tell anybody ... I'll kill you. I will make sure that nobody believes you,'" Brown says of the encounters with the counselor.

Some details from the interview, to be aired on the "60 Minutes" February 20 broadcast, will surprise Brown's own mother, he told CBS.

Revelations to be shared on the show are also detailed in Brown's upcoming book, "Against All Odds."

Brown said in a statement he hopes people are inspired by his message.

"My book is about overcoming obstacles. The physical and sexual abuse is in my book. It's a part of my life, but it certainly isn't the only part of my life story which I tell." he said.

Brown catapulted onto the national political scene in 2010 by winning the Senate seat held for decades by Democratic icon Ted Kennedy, who died in 2009.

Brown tells "60 Minutes" that writing was cathartic for him and that he also toured a house where he once lived with an abusive stepfather "to make sure I wasn't...dreaming."

"As I left, I said,'Man, I wish I had the money. I'd just buy this thing and burn it down,'" Brown says during the interview. sorce

lara logan assault full details

lara logan assault details:-Was Lara Logan raped by the insane mob in Cairo last Friday? Most media are shirking their jobs by a careful tiptoe around that key question. Ask women (or men), and they'll tell you that actual rape is worse than a mauling, even if the beating includes vicious groping. Exactly how much of a sexual assault was it? That matters. If it was actual rape, then the outrage needs to be ratcheted up. Among those not afraid of addressing the question is the New York Post, whose Clemente Lisi reports todayThe separation and assault lasted for roughly 20 to 30 minutes, said a person familiar with the matter, who added that it was "not a rape."

Was it or not? If it was, that would take this horrific act way beyond the pale. Despite what CBS and her family and the pusillanimous media say, the need to know trumps privacy.

Judging by the plucky and blunt Logan's frank talk on Jon Stewart's Daily Show and other venues, she will eventually tell us the details.

And it wouldn't be to satisfy some twisted prurience. It would be because she's blunt and a real reporter unafraid to deliver unpleasant truths. Here she is on Stewart in 2008:

Now, was Logan raped last Friday? The Times's Brian Stelter skirted the question, writing, like almost all the other media, that Logan was "sexually assaulted." Was it rape, or was the sexual component of the vicious attack considerably less than that? Were there chants of "Jew! Jew" (even though she's not Jewish) while she was being attacked? It's also possible that she was sexually assaulted in every which way but rape. Yes, almost as bad, but still not as bad as rape.

Stelter ended his story with dry statistical crap:

The committee, whose board includes Ms. Logan, said Tuesday evening in a statement: "We have seen Lara's compassion at work while helping journalists who have faced brutal aggression while doing their jobs. She is a brilliant, courageous, and committed reporter. Our thoughts are with Lara as she recovers."

There is little information available about instances of sexual assault affecting journalists. In an article for the Columbia Journalism Review in 2007, the writer, Judith Matloff, wrote that foreign correspondents rarely tell anyone, "even when the abuse is rape."

Yes, they rarely tell anyone. But this story is out, so there's no turning away from it. What are the details?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

scottish deerhound : Scottish deerhound wins Westminster dog show

scottish deerhound:-A Scottish deerhound named Hickory won best in show at the Westminster dog show, the most prestigious competition for purebred dogs in the U.S., as the show concluded its two-day run Tuesday night.

It was the first time the Scottish deerhound -- a tall, lithe, rough-coated sighthound that is similar in appearance to the more familiar Irish wolfhound -- has won best in show at Westminster and only the fourth time one has won first place in the hound group in more than 80 years of competition.

RELATED: Photos from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show

Hickory -- full name GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, with the "GCH" indicating her status as a grand champion, a step above just plain "champion" -- was the fifth-ranked hound among all American show dogs in 2010. Even with her impressive show record, though, Las Vegas handicapping expert Johnny Avello, when placing odds on the show (for entertainment purposes only, of course), gave the Scottish deerhound breed only a 60-to-1 shot of winning.

Those are better odds than Avello gave the eventual winner of Westminster 2009, the Sussex spaniel, which he listed at 275-to-1, favoring a top-ranked Brussels griffon.

RELATED: Wow! Look at those dog hairstyles!

Hickory, who officially retired from the show ring after her Westminster win, will return to her home, a farm in Virginia, after she completes a short but intense publicity tour. There, her owners hope she will give birth to a litter of puppies -- something an actively campaigning show dog can't do.

To take the title of best in show, Hickory beat a Pekingese named Malachy, a crowd favorite and the No. 2-ranked show dog in the country in 2010; a Chinese Shar-Pei named Jayne, who was the seventh-highest-winning non-sporting dog in 2010; a bearded collie named Mister Baggins, who ranked ninth among show dogs of all breeds in 2010; a cocker spaniel named Beckham, the second-ranked dog in the sporting category in 2010; a Portuguese water dog named Ladybug, who ranked 15th among all breeds in 2010; and a smooth fox terrier named Adam, the No. 10 show dog in the country in 2010.

Westminster's biggest surprise may have been the Scottish deerhound's victory, but there were other notable surprises as well.

The top-ranked show dog in the country last year, a smooth fox terrier named Dodger, was widely expected to compete at Westminster and considered a front-runner but failed to show up, despite being registered in the best of breed class. (One of his owners later told the Associated Press that the team behind Dodger had already planned to retire him from show competition before Westminster.)

An Irish setter named Emily, considered a likely contender in the sporting group, failed to win her breed competition, and a boxer named Scarlett, the highest-ranked dog in the working group in the country, came in second to Ladybug, the Portuguese water dog, in group competition.

RELATED: Cocker Spaniel, Portuguese water dog win groups

Once again this year, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which opposes the breeding of purebred dogs, demonstrated against the dog show. This year, PETA supporters dressed in Snoopy costumes and carried signs that said "Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs' Chances" outside the headquarters of the USA Network, which broadcast the dog show over activists' objections.

Last year, PETA supporters actually managed to make it onto the floor of Madison Square Garden during the competition, carrying signs decrying dog breeding and declaring, "Mutts Rule." In 2009, activists protested outside Madison Square Garden wearing Klan robes and handing out brochures that compared the AKC to the Ku Klux Klan.

In 2010, a Scottish terrier named Sadie won best in show at Westminster. A Sussex spaniel named Stump emerged from retirement to take top honors in 2009, and a 15-inch beagle named Uno won in 2008.

Watch India vs New Zealand

Cricket Live Score: India Vs South Africa Warm-up Match on Ten Sports’ New Zealand managed an impressive 103-run victory against India at Potchefstroom and restored their confidence ahead of the main tournament, having lost to the Warriors on Saturday. Martin Guptill (63) and Jesse Ryder (57) set a strong platform, adding 60 for the second wicket, before Neil Broom let loose. Broom smashed 66 off 46 balls, comprising five fours and four sixes, and figured in two crucial partnerships with Grant Elliott and Daniel Vettori. The Indian fast bowlers were largely ineffective with right-arm spinner Yusuf Pathan ending as India’s most successful bowler with 3 for 46. India elected to bat first. Watch Live Streaming.

Chasing 302, the Indian top order never capitalised on their starts. Abhishek Nayar provided some fight, scoring a quick 41, which included six fours, but their pursuit effectively ended when they lost five wickets for 29 runs to slump to 130 for 7. New Zealand shared the wickets around with Jacob Oram, Daniel Vettori and Shane Bond taking two apiece, as India were bowled out in the 41st over. Watch live scores. Check out the warm up games schedule. Ten Cricket telecast the live warmup match between India and South Africa. To watch the live cricket streaming online here. will provide the latest score card of IND vs NZ cricket match.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brittney griner : Lady Bears keep streak alive

brittney griner:-Brittney Griner scored 23 of her 26 points after halftime for top-ranked Baylor, including three consecutive baskets late to put the Lady Bears ahead for good as they survived another close call against No. 5 Texas A&M with a 67-58 victory Monday night.

The Lady Bears (24-1, 11-0 Big 12) have won 21 consecutive games. Only two of their victories this season have been by less than 11 points, and both have come in the past 16 days against the Aggies (21-3, 9-2).

Baylor, which trailed most of the game, finally went ahead to stay when Kimetria Hayden grabbed an A&M miss and got the ball to Griner for a layup and a 57-56 lead with three minutes left. After Big 12 scoring leader Danielle Adams missed for A&M, Griner scored again.

Texas A&M then had a turnover before Griner scored inside.


In Hartford, Conn., Maya Moore scored 27 points to become the Big East's career scoring leader in Connecticut's rout of Oklahoma.

Moore passed Angel McCoughtry, who scored 2,779 points for Louisville from 2006-09. Moore needed 11 points coming into the game and broke the mark on a one-handed scoop shot with her right hand with 7:52 left in the first half.

UConn (25-1) won its 14th consecutive game overall and 76th in a row at home.

Stefanie Dolson had 15 points and nine rebounds for the Huskies. Tiffany Hayes added 13 points and seven rebounds, while Bria Hartley had 11 points.

Danielle Robinson led Oklahoma (18-7) with 14 points and Nicole Griffin added 10.

Moore scored 18 of her points in the first half, helping Connecticut build a 46-18 lead at halftime.


In Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Erica Allenspach scored 17 points and Corielle Yarde added 12 to help Marist win its 19th game in a row.

Leading 29-27 late in the first half, the Red Foxes (23-2, 14-0 MAAC) went on a 12-0 run spanning the half to take control. Yarde started the spurt with two free throws and a jumper.

Kelsey Beynnon's layup just before the half made it 35-27.

Kate Oliver capped the spurt with consecutive baskets to make it 41-27 early in the second half.

Canisius (8-17, 4-10) could only get within eight the rest of the game.

sports illustrated swimsuit 2011

The most coveted magazine cover in the world - the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition- announced Monday that soccer star Cristiano Renaldo's Russian girlfriend, Irina Shayk, will be its 2011's covergirl.

sports illustrated swimsuit 2011:-While the official unveiling took place on "The Late Show With David Letterman," the sexy cover featuring a sun-kissed Shayk in a pink and yellow halter-neck bikini,

was reportedly leaked to the Twitterverse minutes before the taping.The New York City billboard was accidentally exposed, allowing time for a few cell phone snap shots, before quickly being covered up again.

Nonetheless, the stunning 25-year-old brunette (who has now appeared in the famed swimsuit edition five times, although this is her first cover) is well-deserving of her moment in the limelight

"There were 10 models there to do the Top 10 List, and nobody knows until the last minute who the cover will be," Shayk said. "And then I saw it, and I couldn't believe it."

Shayk's covers also include GQ Spain, GQ South Africa, and Elle Spain. She and Renaldo have been item since 2010 after meeting through their Armani Exchange modeling duties.

Her regimen to get ready for the skimpy work doesn't really change from her normal beauty routine.

"I do work out five times a week, but I'm never dieting," Shayk said. "I try to be healthy because to be happy and healthy on the inside shows on the outside."

Other models in the running included last year's winner Brooklyn Decker. The issue hits newstands on Tuesday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wayne Rooney wonder goal vs. Manchester City Overhead kick

watch full video
Rooney used a spectacular bicycle kick with his back to the goal for the 2-1 win over rival Man City.

The United and England striker leaped to meet a right-wing cross with an overhead strike that flew into the top corner after 77 minutes.

"I saw it coming over and I thought why not? Nine times out of 10 they go into the stand," Rooney told Sky Sports.

Wow....what a goal by ROOOOOOONEY!!! What a way to win the derby!!" he tweeted, before adding: "That bicycle kick was one dirty strike...POW...what a strike what a goal what a netbuster!!"

Even golfers Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy, playing in the Dubai Desert Classic, commented. McIlroy simply tweeted; "BOOM!!!!!!!!"

Ferguson said the quality of the strike reminded him of United great Denis Law, who scored 171 goals in his stellar career at the club.

"It was stunning," Ferguson said. "We've had some fantastic goals here but in terms of execution ... you'll never see that."

Nani had given United a first-half lead with a neat control and finish, before City equalized with a deflected effort in the 64th

watch no pants subway ride 2011 video