Saturday, February 12, 2011

maksim gelman : Police Manhunt Begins for 23 yr. old Killer

maksim gelman : Brooklyn police have begun a serious manhunt for 23 year-old Maksim Gelman who violently lashed out on Friday in a killing spree which resulted in the death of his stepfather, his ex-girlfriend, and her mother. Gelman is also wanted for “commandeering a passing car, stabbing the driver, stealing the car and running down a pedestrian” according to sources.

The trouble apparently began around 5 a.m. on Friday when Gelman arrived home “appearing to be drunk or high and demanded use of one of his parents' two cars” according to one neighbor’s report.

When Gelman’s stepfather, 54 year-old Aleksandr Kuznetsov, refused Gelman’s request, a violent argument broke out between the two. Police say Gelman, “grabbed a knife and stabbed his stepfather several times.”
Brooklyn - Maksim GelmanSuspect, Maksim Gelman, said to have killed 3 in violent rampage in Brooklyn.
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Gelman then allegedly fled the scene of the crime in his mother’s 2004 grey Lexus only to appear again later at around 4:30 p.m. at his ex-girlfriend’s house where he reportedly stabbed both his ex-girlfriend and her mother to death. The names of both women have yet to be disclosed.

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