Monday, February 7, 2011

chrysler 200 : Rap Experts Weigh In On Eminem’s Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Ad

The Green Bay Packers weren’t the only winners of tonight’s (February 6th) Super Bowl XLV.

Eminem was featured in two of the best commercials that debuted throughout Super Bowl XLV: Brisk and Chrysler. During the third quarter of the game, Chrysler aired their ad for their Chrysler 200, which featured the Detroit rapper. On the forty-seven mark of the two-minute Chrysler commercial, Eminem appeared in the driver’s seat of the Chrysler 200 while his track, “Lose Yourself,” off 8 Mile, played in the background. Eminem drives around his hometown in the Chrysler 200 before stepping foot in front of a choir. “This is the Motor City, this is what we do,” Eminem said before stepping off the choir’s stage.

Both Eminem and Chrysler chose wisely when they decided to air the Chrysler 200 ad during Super Bowl XLV, “Super Bowl advertising is about making a statement and capturing the attention of the audience," said Olivier Francois, chief marketing executive for Chrysler Group told USA Today.

RapFix turned to rap experts for their thoughts on Chrysler’s Imported From Detroit themed campaign featuring Eminem.

“The last Eminem ad was strong — he’s about integrity, working-class grit Detroit and so is whatever car company it was for. I think,” Toure, Music Journalist, tweeted.

Miss Info, founder of and Hot 97 radio personality, tweeted a few behind the scene details, “Sis is telling me back story of Eminem Chrysler spot by Wieden-Kennedy. Director did 'smells like teen spirit' vid in 90s.”

The consensus was impressed with the visuals.

“I love them Eminem/Detroit/Chrysler commercial” Vanessa Satten, Editor-in-Chief of XXL Magazine, weighed in.

“That Eminem commercial dead ass gave me chills, if I was from Detroit I would of just KG-chest pounded myself,” Kazeem Famuyide, Online Editor of Source magazine, tweeted.

“Oh wow and here goes Em. I f*ck with this commercial. IMPORTED FROM DETROIT,” Rob Markman, Deputy Editor of XXL Magazine, tweeted. more update stay online

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