Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adam Sandler Death | Sandler's rep blasts death rumours

Adam Sandler is now the latest victim of a sick, FAKE death hoax.

According to another gross prank from Global Associated News, “Actor Adam Sandler is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today -December 28, 2010.”

Sandler is NOT dead.

The FAKE report claimed that while at a ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland, “Sandler lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed… Sandler was air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is believed that the actor died instantly from the impact of the crash.”

Again, this is NOT TRUE. He’s ALIVE.

A rep for Sandler tells Gossip Cop, “It’s completely not true and such irresponsible journalism.”

So, does this rumor sound familiar?

It should.

Just two days ago, the same lame site spread word-for-word the same disgusting rumor about Charlie Sheen.

Two weeks ago, there was an equally vile death prank about Morgan Freeman, and this morning there was a death hoax about Aretha Franklin.

These hoaxes have happened many times before.

They’re not funny. They’re not cool. They’re not entertaining.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Gossip Cop is at a total loss as to why anyone would concoct phony fatalities, and sincerely hopes the only thing that dies out are these horrible hoaxes.

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