Monday, December 20, 2010

Patriots Offensive Lineman Dan Connolly 71 Yard Kickoff

Patriots Offensive Lineman Dan Connolly 71 Yard Kickoff :-
Check the break away speed of Connolly, he has to run at least a 4.2 in the 40, maybe a 4.1 I don’t want to short change him in any way.

The only thing was missing was Mike McCarthy running out on the field and yelling at the kicker for not kicking it out of bounds.

Calling Connolly, Desean Jackson isn’t doing him justice, he had a stiff arm like Adrian Peterson and a cut back like Chris Johnson.

The skill set was like Devin Hester in his prime.

NFL special team coaches listen to me closely.
One great thing about being enormous while flying down the field, besides the incredible momentum: stiff-arming. Connolly flicked away one Packers coverage man as if the smaller individual was outweighed by an entire adult male human body. Which, yes, he almost was.

This was the longest kick return by an offensive lineman in NFL history, and well, yeah, of course it was. Connolly has returned a handful of kicks in his time for 35 total yards.

The Pats did not squander Connolly's speed, with Tom Brady throwing a touchdown to Aaron Hernandez shortly after.

Here’s the rest of that other update I was working on:

One of the more impressive things about Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn’s night tonight: he had led the Pack to a lead over the New England Patriots without even completing a pass to Green Bay’s primary offensive weapon, WR Greg Jennings. That’s all changed now, with a touchdown pass toHOLY CRAP LINEMAN KICK RETURN.

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