Sunday, December 26, 2010

Man Kills Girlfriend's Puppy After Fight

Colorado Springs Police Officers from the Sand Creek Division responded to a call regarding a possible domestic disturbance.

When officers arrived and made contact with the unidentified female victim, she reported that her live-in boyfriend had just killed her puppy. The victim indicated to police that she and her boyfriend were in a verbal dispute earlier in the evening and as a result she had decided to leave to let the situation cool down.

She stated that while she was gone she was contacted by the boyfriend via text messaging which she refused to reply to. Shortly after, she became alarmed when one of the text messages stated he had killed her puppy because she refused to return the calls and messages.

The victim returned to the home and discovered the deceased puppy inside the dumpster.

The male suspect, later identified by police as Christopher Blackstone, was taken into custody on charges on cruelty to animals and harassment. The suspect was also charged with felony criminal mischief when he damaged a police vehicle by kicking it.

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