Monday, December 27, 2010

Kim Richards Battles Taylor Armstrong, Again

Kim Richards and Taylor Armstrong just can’t get along. Kim Richards explodes against Taylor Armstrong this month on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the end, Kyle ditches her sister because of a blowup over “blowup” lips at Camille’s dinner date from Hell.

Was Kyle right to get angry at her sister?

Taylor says to Kim “You’re off your rocker”. Of course, everyone was off their rocker during this episode. The free flowing martinis and the insertion of a bizarre sidekick, or psychic, named Allison DuBois only added to the tension. After Camille and Faye battled, and Alison and Kyle went at it, it was time for Kim and Taylor to reignite their dispute.

In this month’s Lisa Rinna-inspired moment, Kim shouted at Taylor “Why don’t you blow up your lips more!”. Earlier in the night, Kim Richard also called Alison DuBois (and her electric cigarette) a reinvention of Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

Kim is the mother of four children, Brooke, 24, Whitney, 20, Chad, 19, and Kimberly, 15 . In Woody Kling’s 1980s scripted sitcom Hello Larry, Richards played Ruthie Alder for two seasons. Hello Larry was a slight spinoff of Diff’rnt Strokes. And while Richards is perhaps best known for her achievements in “Escape to Witch Mountain”, escaping from Camille’s Malibu mansion this month was an achievement all to itself.

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