Sunday, December 19, 2010

Julianne Hough's is that so wrong - Watch Video

Watch Julianne Hough’s video Is That So Wrong

the music video banned from CMT and removed from YouTube.

Julianne Hough’s “Is That So Wrong” music video is apparently too hot for CMT and finding the video online has become a challenge!

In the

Julianne Hough video

for “Is That So Wrong,” Hough is seen stripping down to her bra and sliding around on a bed.

Is this the kind of example she wants to set for her young fans?

Honestly, I’ve seen the “Is That So Wrong” music video and I don’t think it’s any worse than a Miley Cyrus video, which can be too racy for younger kids.

While Julianne Hough says that CMT pulled the music video because it’s too sexy, CMT is claiming it’s a contract negotiation issue and once that’s resolved the “Is That So Wrong” music video will be back in rotation.

Here’s a look at the “Is That So Wrong” music video. Do you think Julianne Hough’s video is too hot to air?

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