Thursday, December 16, 2010

kardashian christmas card : Photos

The Kardashian clan, they really like their Christmas card photos…a lot. Each year the family – in all sort of combinations – comes together in various outfits, styles, hair-dos with a revolving cast of step sisters, step brothers and mates.

The Kardashian Christmas Card for 2010 was just reveled and one thing about it – it was for sure the most glam Kardashian family pic yet. How glamorous? Check out these past pics from previous years from posing with Teenage Mutant Turtles to dressing up like a bunch of bikers. Get a blast from the Kardashian past right here:

Kholoe Kardashian said of the tradition at the time of last year’s photo: “It’s no secret that my family has always been into photo shoots, but my mom was always really big on the family holiday cards. Each year we would get everyone together and my mom always thought of the most ridiculous themes…hence the Harley Davidson one! LOL. Can you believe we did that?!?!??! I die every time I see that picture. This year we got a little lazy with our card, but hey, a lot has been going on in our family! We used a family photo from my wedding and I love seeing my hubby’s face on our Christmas card this year! I also love seeing Ryan Seacrest’s face on the card as well haha. I mean, I guess he is practically part of the family by now.”

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