Friday, December 10, 2010

Jenn Sterger Playboy Pictures

The Jenn Sterger Playboy photos that developed into popularity come from the Top Ten Party School’s edition’s May 2006 issue. It should be noted that before going to pose for the Playboy Jenn Sterger got featured in the Maxim Magazine. Jenn Sterger was also featured on the website of Maxim.
The Jenn Sterger Playboy pictures are back in the hot news in the wake of the Brett Favre scandal involving Sterger. It is pertinent to note that Jenn Sterger was hired by the Jets in 2008 as a sideline reporter for the team. In addition to the hiring of Jenn Sterger the Jets also signed Brett Favre in the same year. It was in this circumstances that gave rise to the scandal we hear today.
It is being alleged that Brett Favre made passes at Jenn Sterger. Jenn Sterger maintains that she disapproved the passes by Brett Favre because she was aware that he was already married.
A sports news website claims that Brett Favre has sent Jenn Sterger an upsetting slide of sticky proposal and vulgar pictures. The sports blog dead shows the myspace messages along with vulgar photos of male sexual organs.

It is being said that the series of notes and voice mails was allegedly an effort by Brett Favrer to allure Jennifer Sterger. It is noteworthy that Jenn Sterger is at present co- hosting a sports show of "The Daily Line". . "I'm not getting into that. I've got my hands full with the Jets," Brett Favre, 40, said.


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