Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2001 Miami Hurricanes Roster

Al Golden plan when he took office five years ago, Temple was probably resurrect the worst program in college football.

In Miami, its mission is different.

“We will return to winning championships here at the University of Miami,” Golden said boldly, and without a hint of doubt.

Now, 41 years, was introduced as the Hurricanes’ new football coach Monday evening at a news conference inside the Newman Center alumni who looked more like a rally.

About 200 people crammed into a room – the players and former basketball coach Frank Haith and Katie Meier, baseball coach Jim Morris, cheerleaders and mascot Sebastian the Ibis of them – to hear what the successor Randy Shannon had to say after his one-hour meeting with his new players.

“It’s a pleasure to be here,” Golden begun. “I told [my wife] five years ago when we took on one of the greatest challenges in college football there would one day like that. ”

Someone asked how long before he won the sixth national championship and first since 2001. Golden smiles.

“I want to make sure you understand that our goal is to win a national championship,” he said. “This will go on the shelf in the locker room right from the get-go. We will not wait. We’ll go after him.”

Golden promised that under his leadership, the Hurricanes will be a smart, tough, disciplined team that plays with passion and energy and one who has an attitude and aggressive behavior.

He also promised that the current players Miami will not have a sense of entitlement on the legacy “in Miami. They will work to “defend this legacy.”

Golden asked former Hurricanes players to join the program, imploring them to “please come back.”

“Please be the key. Please come to practice,” Golden said. “Please reach out to young people so they understand the standard you set, the legacy you’ve created, the hard work it took to be the biggest brand in college football “.

Several schools have pursued Golden recent years, but he chose not to leave. So why Miami? Why now?

“Are you kidding me?” Golden said. The crowd broke into a loud ovation. “This is the brand most recognizable in college football. … It’s a dream job.”

Said former Hurricanes receiver Randall Hill “. This is the best answer I heard all he had to do was say so and leave the room and would have done for me.”

Some people wonder whether Golden should have got this job, if evidence is sufficient and was the best candidate. He has a 27-34 career record with only two wins against teams with winning records. It 17-8 the last two seasons, however, and Temple beat Connecticut this season, who will play in the Fiesta Bowl.

“I feel 100 percent confident this is the right decision and will be successful,” said athletic director Kirby Hocutt, adding Golden was the only candidate offered the job. “I would say that [the fans]” judge this location next fall. Judge this location in two years when you see what we do on the football field. ”

Former UM receiver Lamar Thomas said he was surprised by the lease.

“When the first was announced, I probably thought like everyone else,” what the … Thomas said. “But I went back and watched Dennis Erickson. I watched Jimmy Johnson. I looked at their records and where they came together. … This is a guy who Kirby obviously saw something in”

Hocutt, who was athletic director at Ohio University before coming to Miami, said he has known gold-election at the Mid-American Conference. He followed the career of the Golden Temple. Now that Golden joined Hocutt, it’s time to get to work.

“There are reasons why the team is 7-5 and we have to correct them. This is not to assess blame, “Golden said.” We need an autopsy on what is wrong with the team. Is it recruiting? Is there a system? Is it a discipline? Are there any distractions? Is it leaking, no cohesion?

“I told the team [Monday], faster than we trust each other and the extent to which they trust the new system and new programs and buy-in, the sooner we will be successful “.

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