Sunday, January 2, 2011

ufc 125 fight card | Chris Leben Vs. Brian Stann

ufc 125 fight card - Chris Leben Vs. Brian Stann

If Chris Leben can win two fights in the UFC in two weeks, I think he can beat Brian Stann. While I'm usually in the camp of people who believe any fight in the UFC is an opportunity to move up in a division, this fight is a drastic step down in competition for Chris Leben. After beating top fighters like Aaron Simpson and Yoshihiro Akiyama, Leben now suffers a bit from a double whammy of fighting someone who A.) doesn't put him closer to a title shot and B.) isn't a marquee opponent with a big name. Leben has been through some absolute wars, and while being 30 doesn't exactly make him Randy Couture, the clock is always ticking. He only has so many more fights in him before he's forced to call it quits, making this fight a bit of a deflation from his current run.

I just don't see where Stann has an edge in this fight. When he starts explaining how his military past will help in the cage, one can only assume there was little else he could have pulled from. I expect a knockout from Leben.

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