Friday, January 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston People's Choice Awards VIDEO

Jennifer Aniston People's Choice Awards VIDEO - was she drunk?
Jennifer Aniston People's Choice Awards VIDEO

The Jennifer Aniston People’s Choice Awards video has some wondering if the former Friend’s star was laying a little heavy on the sauce before stepping on stage as a presenter. Was she drunk? Watch the video and decide for yourself.This year’s broadcast was rife with big name stars, whether they were performing or presenting/receiving awards. We all know they enjoy themselves at these big events, and apparently Aniston is no exception. After her brief presentation for Favorite Movie Comedy Actor, some began to wonder if she may have brought a flash in her purse.

Sure, she seemed really laid back and little glassy eyed, but she could simply be tired from her crazy schedule, right? Hey, she could always use the classic excuse employed by many television news anchors: I was drowsy from cold medicine.

Anyway, this reminds me of another priceless awards show moment that took place back in 2002 at the MTV VMA’s. Back then, Pink took to the stage to accept an award for her hit song ‘Get The Party Started.’ She was heavily slurring her words, and outright admitted that she was ‘too drunk’ to give a speech. Priceless!

I personally find it totally appropriate for someone to throw back a couple at an awards show—why the heck not? It’s not like they are at the White House to accept some sort of high honor. Nope, it is merely another trophy to remind them of just how amazingly superior they are.

Such seems to be the case in the Jennifer Aniston People’s Choice Awards video—drunk or not—she isn’t at her best. Usually she comes off as pretty classy, and even a little over prepared. But not this time. Check out the video below.

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