Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Live to Dance : Paula Abdul’s New Dance Show

Live to Dance : Paula Abdul’s New Dance Show
Live to Dance” premiered tonight on CBS. Dancers auditioned in front of judges Paula Abdul, Travis Payne, and Kimberly Wyatt.
The judges select either a gold star or a red star without discussing it with each other. If a contestant gets two or more gold stars, they move on to the expert’s shortlist. Two or more red stars and they are eliminated.

In a way, this was a less dramatic way to judge, since we already knew whether or not a contestant was moving on to “the short list” before the judges even say a word. Then again, it eliminates that yes or no going back and forth that we see in a lot of competition shows like this, like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “American Idol.” I like this cut to the chase way of judging.

The dancers varied in age, style, and talent. The first dancer was only 9 years old and he was adorable and talented! I loved the adorable couple of Bev(83) and Hap(68) who have been dancing together for twenty years. They had a lot of fun and were therefore fun to watch: grandma and grandpa doing the robot. Stone danced to “Forever Your Girl,” making the audience laugh with his moves. Single Ladies Remix was another precious group of little girls and the audience was chanting for the judges to change their minds and give the girls more gold stars.

My fav of the night: I’d love to have Bonnie Buckner’s spunk when I’m 90 and tap dance in front of millions of people.

I could see watching this with my kids: an entertaining family show. It has a very positive vibe to it, even though not every group made could make the shortlist. I can’t wait to see how they narrow down the shortlist.

Did you watch “Live to Dance?” What did you think of the show?

Another episode of Live to Dance airs tomorrow night at 8pm ET.

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