Thursday, January 6, 2011

Queen Latifah Comes Out

Queen Latifah Comes Out

Though it has been talked about and questioned for many years there has never been a confirmation for the rumors. Has Queen Latifah come out of the closet officially now? Well you can read all the details below, including pictures and video.
On a recent yacht trip with newlyweds and expectant parents Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, pics with her cuddling Jeanette Jenkins caused raised eyebrows. Really there is no shocker here, but still we have never seen this type of PDA from her. Take a look at it and decide for yourself!

Hollywood Dame has the photos that have people saying “Queen Latifah comes out,” so check them out. There is more below, but don’t miss these other hot sites and great stories!

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The Teen Choice Awards were a Vampire showcase and the full story is at PopEater.

According to Hollywire Taylor Swift is going to take part in the movie ‘New Year’s Eve.’

There is an exclusive video with Chace Crawford about ‘Twelve’ at Ten Gossip.

The Blemish has interesting photos of Hillary Swank… check them out!

Laurence Fishburne is out and about, but still not talking to his daughter, reports TMZ.

There is a debate about Kim Kardashian’s fashion going on at Top Celebrity Headlines.

According to Wiz Bang Pop, Disney’s classic “Beauty and the Beast” is getting a modern, 3-D makeover!

Now let’s get back to the PDA photos! Honestly I was more interested in seeing the baby bump on Keys. How cute! But two women, who have been thought to be dating, seemed to be very happy, and the pictures at Just Jared show that.

What are your thoughts on people saying Queen Latifah comes out because of the romantic photos? Check out the ones in question, as well as these below and leave me your comments. Also check out this video.

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