Friday, January 7, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 1

The first episode of Jersey Shore is already off to a dramatic start!

First of all, Snooki looks more orange than ever! She needs to lay off the spray tan or something, you know?

The whole gang is now driving sweet rides… sure, after now commanding more than $30,000 per episode (salaries have tripled)! How can these people have more money than me???

The tanning is making the girls look older than they are! Sammi the Sweetheart Giancola and Snooki both have leathery skin and wrinkes…already! Sorry girls but the tanning is making you suffer from premature aging.

Ronnie and Sammi are the first to arrive at the house and pick the room upstairs with three beds…um, does that make any sense??? Mike the Situation is the last to arrive and is stuck with them.

We meet Snooki’s friend and new cast member, Deena, who ends up sharing a room with Jenny JWoww and Snooks. But the other girl in the house, Sammi, is not being very friendly right from the beginning. Has Sammi the Sweetheart grown fangs??? She has become a complete diva!

We learn that Vinnie had sex with Snooki’s friend Ryder! Snooks told Vinnie she had feelings for him and he went off and “smooshed” her friend! Vinnie doesn’t want to hurt Snooki and doesn’t want to hook up with her for fear of hurting her if he ends up going with someone else.

So new cast member Deena came to the house with a bang. It took Deena the first day to show Mike her “nana” – on the first day!

She tries to cuddle up to The Sitch that night but gets rejected and Sammi laughs at her, causing Deena to go downstairs and tell the rest of the house, calling her names.

Ronnie and Sammi overhear and come down and lo and behold! The first fight on the first day!
But who will end up fist-fighting? Not Deena and Sammi, no! JWoww doesn’t miss an opportunity to get into a brawl with Sammi! Next week’s episode should be interesting!

Watch MTV Jersey Shore Session 3 Video Here

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