Saturday, September 18, 2010

‘IPA God’ Allows For Installing Cracked Apps on iOS 4.1/4.2 Without Jailbreak video

A new application is soon expected to make its debt for iOS devices, and it’s sure to be controversial. Dubbed ‘IPA God’, the application will essentially allow users to install cracked applications on their iOS 4.1 or 4.2 devices without jailbreaking via an exploit found on the versions of the mobile operating system.

The developer, who shall remain nameless, is fully aware that Apple will not be accepting the application, so he will be distributing it via an online download. When users download the application (which will cost under $20 — yes, he’s charging for this), they will be able to pirate applications that ordinarily cost money on the App Store.


  1. Its really ironic that this guy made an app to pirate other apps that we should be paying for and wants people to pay for it. People should either refuse to purchase this app or somebody should make a cracked version of it so nobody has to pay for it either...

  2. all just a bunch of dodo's there is no such application - if so it would be on the downloads - good story for fun and cheapskates

    go on.... and have the fun

  3. how you download it with any website ??????
    can you send me more information
    laszlo.italia @

  4. i downloaded it but i dunno how 2 install it... help!

  5. Does anyone knonw the URL for downloading I can't seem to find it ;0(