Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brandon Spikes SEX Full Video 2010

Brandon Spikes has been embarrassed a lot by the sex tape video that has been launched on the interne including this sportsman naked. Brandon Spikes who is a linebacker for the Patriots nowadays has received a lot of tension and disgrace due to the Sextape that has been launched over the hole internet showing this great player naked having sexual interaction with a woman. Brandon Spikes Video has shocked many people including those who are close to him. He used to play with the Florida Gators before this team and now he is playing for the Patriots. The famous website Chatroulette has surfaced this Brandon Spikes video on their website and now the fans of man who used to like him have thrown him out of their minds.
The Patriots have given no comments on this story as they do not know about the whole truth. According to the whole story this video was kept with people who email the Deadspin news channel to have it for the price of fifteen hundred dollars. On their refusal the Brandon Spikes video was posted on the internet by that person who embarrasses this great player. Some information has also risen that this video was shooted at the tie when Brandon was in college. According to some of the people it has not yet been proven that the person in the video is really Brandon who is playing for the patriots. Brandon used to be the star of his football team in his college and now he was recently he was drafted in the 2010 drafts by the Florida Gators and after them he was taken by the Patriots.
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