Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paquiao vs Margarito results recent update

Paquiao vs Margarito results:-Pacquiao Vs Margarito Results: Manny Pacquiao Beats Antonio Margarito, Shows Why He is The Best. The much awaited Junior Welter-Weight Championship between Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao and Antonio ‘Tijuana Tornado’ Margarito was indeed the clash of titans, as expected. We endeavor to provide a round by round chronicle.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito Recap: Pacquiao's blow won him the round, after a hard left clean to Margarito's head and another one on the right. In the second round, some good punching and a set of clear set of uppercuts decide the round in Margarito’s favor.

In the third round, the announcer spoke, “Chins are being tested,” after impressive show of punches, along with a combination to the head and body from Pacquiao win him the round.

With the fourth round, the Mexican starts to get beat up. Pacquiao jabs open a cut under his right eye, with some big left punches as he comes off the ropes. The Filipino's legs are too strong, and thus in spite of being smaller in size than Margarito, he wins the round.

Come round five, and Pacquiao gives Margarito a few inside punches, that clearly weaken the tough Mexican. Pacquiao’s strong jabs lessen Margarito, whose bruised right eye area is pretty bad.

Round 6: The daredevil Pacquiao allows Margarito to unleash his best punches against him, as per his signature style, much to his chief trainer Freddie Roach's disapproval. The crowd roars, thinking Margarito is gaining control, but Pacquiao retorts with his own strong, lethal combinations. Pacquiao survives the pressure yet again and emerges victorious in yet another round.

In Round 7, Referee Laurence Cole tells Margarito to wipe the Vaseline off his facial cut region. Margarito assaults when the Filipino lands him a left. Yet another round scored by Pacquiao.

Incredible action commences as Margarito begins to charge but Pacquiao’s enormous strength beats him down in Round 8. Round 9 witnesses more action, as the Mexican’s swollen eye almost shuts.

Referee Laurence Cole inspects Margarito's bloodied right eye in the 10th Round. A round of six punches from Pacquiao to his head turn Margarito's face to "a mask of blood," as an announcer says.

By Round 11, Pacquiao’s dominance is more than evident. He cries to stop the match, as Margariti can barely keep his hands up. He eyes Cole to stop, who in turn points to Margarito’s eye, urging him to go on.

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