Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Call of duty black ops review news,image,video

Call of duty black ops review news,image,video :-Activision's Call of Duty games are really starting to rack up a hefty carbon footprint. Forget all of the greenhouse emissions from the copious amounts of military craft and vehicles (not to mention one nuclear explosion) - just the travelling alone is more than most people would do in a lifetime. The Modern Warfare games went from favelas in Rio de Janeiro to a gulag in the far-eastern corner of Russia and an SAS training camp in the UK to a village in Azerbeijan - they even had the audacity to go back in time with Captain Price's flashback to Chernobyl irradiated Ukraine, and we all know how polluting those flux capacitors are. Call of Duty: Black Ops is no exception in that regard, leapfrogging from Cuba to the Vietnam War, the former USSR to quite literally the edge of space, and Treyarch even has time to flashback to the Arctic Circle at the end of World War II (as if it hadn't had enough of that era already).

If you don't even like first-person shooters, perhaps it's just worth buying the game for the virtual travelling opportunities? If not that, then just take a punt for the impressive levels of historical research on show. Military vehicles, weapons, and clothing have obviously been loyally recreated from the Cold War era, but it's the finer details that really stand out here - even the computer command consoles are unmistakably of their time and the voice-actor for JFK is spot-on the money. People harp on about how great TV shows like Mad Men are for precisely these reasons, so perhaps it's worth remembering that some videogames (CoD: Black Ops being a standout example) also do a remarkably good job in their own right (Resistance: Fall of Man, on the other hand, definitely did not).

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